Fletcher’s Birth Story

IMG_7685Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be pregnant another day….Fletcher was born!  And I’m SOO grateful to have him here with us and to be getting to know this sweet babe.

Being pregnant is beautiful and a miracle and really I’m so grateful for good health all the way through and carrying this little man to full term, but I have to be honest and say that being pregnant isn’t my favorite thing ever.  By the end I was SO uncomfortable and SOO ready to be done.

We were trying to wait patiently, but really we were so anxious to meet this little man and on Wednesday December 27th at 9:40pm he came into the world and we couldn’t be more thankful for his life.

On Wednesday morning, I took Cannon out bright and early for a walk around the mall and I literally felt like I had a baby between my legs.  Fletcher was so low, I felt like I was just waddling around looking ridiculous…but at the same time I felt like I was gonna be pregnant forever and was kinda weepy about everything that day.
We did a bunch of laps, came home and thankfully Cannon took a good nap and I did a bunch of chores.  I had an app with my midwife scheduled in the afternoon and Adam was gonna come with me.  Everything went good and my midwife went ahead and checked my cervix, letting me know that I was dilated to 4cm and was 50% effaced.  She said that all seemed really great and she predicted that she’d probably be hearing from me in a few days.

We went home, encouraged that things were happening, and that my body was at least getting ready.  I made tacos for dinner and since Cannon had been kinda sick, we decided to put him to bed a little bit early.  About 6:15pm, Adam and I were both laying on the floor in Cannon’s room, reading him books and I looked at Adam and was like “did you hear that?” I had heard a little snap or pop or something and figured it was just Fletcher moving around weird or something and didn’t think about it again.

I laid Cannon in his bed and walked into my room to change into comfortable clothes and I felt a gush down my leg.  I called Adam immediately and I was like “I mean, I could have just peed myself, but I’m pretty sure that was my water breaking!”  After another big gush, we both knew that’s what that was. That was about 6:25pm.  I hadn’t had any contractions yet…and I knew they may not even start until the next day so we decided to just kinda wait it out and see what was gonna happen.  5 min later, my contractions started and I knew immediately that it was the real thing.  We started timing them right away and they were coming for 30-40 seconds every 2.5 min very consistently.

We finished packing our bag for the birth center, cleaned the kitchen, straightened the house up, and gave our friend who would be watching Cannon a heads up that we were just starting labor and that we’d keep her posted.

We called our midwife around 7pm and made plans to meet her at the birth center at 8:30pm.  We then asked our friend to come over at 8pm to be with Cannon.

By 8, I was SO glad that our friend was here cause I knew we needed to get going.
The ride to the birth center was TERRIBLE.  I was in so much pain, and having to sit mostly still was really really hard.  But it was also comical because I was moaning and in terrible pain for a minute during the contractions but then in between we were laughing and talking like it was no big thing.

When we got there, my midwife was watching me in contractions and I could tell she was like, “Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a baby here soon”…and she called in a birth assistant right away.
We labored for a little bit and with each contraction, things were for sure picking up.
Around 9pm she checked my cervix again and I was at 6cm and 100% effaced.  She said that was super good progress and that we were doing amazing.

Things continued to really pick up and I was in a ton of pain. The contractions were FOR REAL.  It didn’t seem like too much longer that I was mid-contraction and kind of freaked out, because low and behold- I was ready to push!  It was just Adam and I in the room and then we called for some help.  I was leaning over the bed and my midwife said whatever position I wanted to be in was totally fine.
Adam (the best birth partner EVER!) could sense that I didn’t like that position for pushing and that I was really scared and asked if they would fill the birth tub since I had given birth to Cannon in the water, he thought that would be more familiar for me.

As soon as the tub was filled, I got in and four contractions and 10 min later, Fletcher was out and on my chest and it was BEAUTIFUL.

In a whirlwind labor and delivery, our perfect little man arrived in 3 hours and 15 min from water breaking to birth at 7 lbs 8 oz and 20.5 inches long.

We got to be in the tub for a little bit and when it was time, Adam cut his umbilical cord and we moved onto the bed for some snuggle time as a family!
Fletcher was so alert and so calm, and he nursed very shortly after being born which was so so sweet.

There weren’t any complications and so we were able to head home at about 12:45, and we were tucked into our bed by 1:15 and able to get several hours of sleep (I didn’t sleep much since it was a pretty big adrenaline rush!) before Cannon woke up to a brand new baby brother!

What an experience!
It was vastly different than Cannon’s birth- and SO much faster.  But it was hard and crazy and beautiful, and I’m so grateful for a healthy baby boy and for God’s perfect timing in all of it which is what we had really prayed for.
It was special because Fletcher was born in the same room, and same tub as Cannon was- and we had the same birth assistant as well, so that was really great!  Our midwife was different but equally as wonderful as the midwife we had with Cannon.  We are so grateful for the wonderful care that we received!


The picture on the left was one I snapped really quick before heading to the birth center-  Fletcher would be born less than two hours later!  And the picture on the right is when he was a little less than 48 hours old!

God made our bodies SO incredibly!  Life is such a miracle, and it’s a mystery how this guy fit inside my belly!




fullsizeoutput_528fullsizeoutput_534fullsizeoutput_538He’s the cutest little dude and we love him so much!  Glad you’re here and part of our family little Fletcher man!

Cannon’s Birth Story

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